Do dvd writers leave a tag on the disc?

so you can tell what drive burnt it? Like a unique code or something? like printers do

If you burn a DVD-R, then have a look at the disc in CD-DVD Speed, you can see “Recorded with [insert burner here]” info.

Also, you can see this on DVD+Rs that are burned using CD-DVD Speed.

I don’t know the technical ins and outs of it, though. :slight_smile:

CD-R: [B]Yes[/B] (generally), reading method unknown
CD-RW: [B]Yes[/B] (generally), reading method unknown

DVD-R: [B]Yes[/B] (generally), can be read with Nero CD-DVD Speed and other apps
DVD-RW: [B]Yes[/B] (generally), can be read with Nero CD-DVD Speed and other apps
DVD+R: [B]No[/B], exceptions may apply (only if it is an image or a data disc burned with Nero CD-DVD Speed (?), only then can be read with Nero CD-DVD Speed only, if you reburn a disc burned with Nero CD-DVD Speed and another burner, the data of the old burner will persist!)
DVD+RW: [B]Yes[/B] (generally), independent of Nero CD-DVD Speed (first format information), can be read with Nero Enhanced Disc Information and other apps
DVD-RAM: [B]Unknown[/B], might be not feasible as this disc type is entirely different from the others :disagree:

They don’t only add the model name, but with CD-Rx/DVD-Rx also the serial number is burned to the disc. This may be depending on the burner model: BenQ/Philips drives always burn their unique serial number on the disc, but my Litey doesn’t even show a serial number in Nero InfoTool. If my Litey also doesn’t burn its serial number, then this is another reason to like the Liteys that we all know and love :bigsmile:

But I haven’t looked much into it. The post may contain errors. :wink:
Maybe [B]C0deKing[/B] can shed some more light on it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know about the last bit, but yeah, if you burn a +R disc with CD-DVD Speed, then CD-DVD Speed will show the “recorded with…” info.

If a +R is burned with another app, say Nero, then CD-DVD Speed won’t show that info AFAIK. :slight_smile:

??? WTF ?
printers leave a unique identifier on pages they print ?
never heard of that. can you please elaborate?

when creating a disc with Nero CD Speed (Create Data Disc or Burn Image File) leaves a record on the burned DVD+/-R/W. it includes the drive, firmware and a plot (well, data of anyway) of the burn speed. i don’t know of the technical details, but this info is burned on a part of the disc that is not the ‘regular’ data portion, but some other part of the disc (the space for this does not come off from the regular space of a blank disc).
however to the best of my knowledge it does not burn a serial number of the drive or any other unique identifier.

i don’t know if this is true or not but i’ve heard that every DVD-R disc burned by any DVDRW burner leavse a unique identifier on it (i don’t know if this is the drive’s serial number or some other kind of code). i don’t know if this applies to DVD-RW too. as far as i know this doesn’t hold for DVD+R/W.

i’m not sure what Dukenukemm was askin about - drive info or a unique identifier.

is that what you were referring to in your words about CD-Rx/DVD-Rx ?
i didn’t know this was true of CD-R/W too.

what did you mean by “reading method not known” (when you talked about CD-R/W)?
when you talked about DVD+/-R/W, when you say Yes (generally), are you talking about the CD Speed stuff or a unique identifier (serial number)?

the stuff about old data persisting, do you mean that for DVD+RW ?

the fact that Nero InfoTool does’nt report the drive’s serial number doesn’t mean it doesn’t burn it!

DVD+RW has some formatting data, and the drive which is used for the first formatting is being recorded.

I’ve seen it on CSI, don’t know if it’s true though.

It is.
As I posted before,

It is true.
They could hide the sense and strategies behind for a while but it get deciphered in the end. A good end, I think.

Back to the OT.
I think because it is not easy ‘visible’ within +R media has something to do with Bitsetting on +R media and the fact that this area is hardcoded within -R media, even if it doen’t sound similar the first time. :wink:
+R got invented after -R, -RW and even after +RW and Philips did everything to make +R an successor, starting with Bitsetting.

Hi folks,

I think Dukenukem meant the unique ID thing. I read all posts, but didn’t get a clear picture.

So please confirm, if i had understand this correctly:

  1. CD-R get a unique ID written on every burner currently available. Correct?
  2. DVD+R/-R don’t get written a unique ID, but have written information about the burner model. Correct?

A few questions:
3) What about HIFI CD-R recorders and the unique ID?
4) Does anyone know any links with infos on this topic? It seems not many people know about this and there is almost no information available. I would be interested in infos about how one could read out this unique serial number, about drives that maybe don’t write this to CD-Rs, about “alternative” firmwares.

I think this is an important topic, so keep it coming.

Thanks in advance for any infos.

The DVD-R have the unique serial number of the burner!!


Why would you need info about “alternative firmwares”?
I think only someone who would produce pirated copies would want such…


Heard about privacy?

Please don’t jump to conclusions and start accusing people of piracy when there are other possible explanations. :wink:

Thank you, DrageMester.

I really wonder that nobody cares about this issue. People went mad at the time the unique ID in printers was discovered and made public.

Private copies are still legal in Germany, as long as you don’t circumvent a copy protection. But for how long? Five years from now maybe it will be illegal (at the pace the industries take bigger and bigger part in politics, it seems possible) and i’ll have to worry about copies i made for my friends.


it does seem to me that if every disk has a serial number burned on it, the Industry would’ve used this more by now ?

still not much info on the subject.

I think that some drives just do and others don’t…

Not really true. Please don’t spread something that isnt true.
It is far more complicated here in Germany.

If you want privacy then the easiest way would be to not give away burned media to anyone, not?!?

Now that was really helpful…