Do Dvd-R work on DVD+r Writers?

Im not sure but recently nothing I burn DVD related works…
am I a freak? jk had to throw that in

anyways I looked at my writer and it sais on it


I have DVD-R disks, am I burning wrong or am I using the wrong disks???

also if I am using wrong disks what are THE BEST DVD+R disks I can find…

thanks for the help guys take care


What dvds writer do you have ?? Most dvd writers read and write both + and -. Use dvd identifier to see what media you are using -that might be your problem.

I think its a Lite On Dvd-RW

but on the writer it only sais DVD+R and DVD+Rewritable

thanks for ur help btw i appreciate it

Liteon makes lots of drives. Use dvd identifier to see what model of liteon and what media you are using. Or go to device manager and see what dvd drive you have?? Did you ever update the firmware on the drive?? Is this a stand alone recorder or a computer dvdrw??

Its a Stand Alone Drive

so its basically by cd and dvd drive in 1…

its a Liteon DVD-RW SOHW 1693S

and i never updated the firmware on it… i dont even know what that is…

if i get dvd+r will it make it work?

The 1693 Is not a stand alone dvd recorder its a dvdrw and it writes and reads both + and-. I asked you twice as to what media you are using with no answer! Heres a link to a review on this drive. I think your problem is media and an update of the drives firmware.

Also what programs are you using to backup dvd.

Hey scotton thanks for helping me out I really appreciate it!

I tried Nero, ALCOHOL 120%, both show information on disk but nothing happens weather it is a data disk with just the image itself burnt onto it…or burning it as an image itself…

On the dvdidentifier heres what i got

Unique disk indentifier dvd-R:UME01
Disk book type: DVD-R - DVD ROM
Mnaufacturing Name UME Disk Manufacturing LTD
Manufacturing Id UME01
Blank Disk Capacity { 2298496 Sectors= 4.78GM (4.38GB)}

You are using cheap media-nexxtecc . Buy better media Tayio Yuden , sony or verbatim or anything made in Japan. What exactly are you trying to burn a data disk or dvd movie??? Also go to to update firmware!

im trying to burn a game, its an mds/mdf image so im using alcohol 120%, I updated my firmware…what does updated the firmware do if you dont mind me asking?

also where can i buy REAL TAYO YUDEN DISKS DVD+R ?

thanks for all the help again!

nm i purchased the tayo yuden disks i dont need anymore help… thanks for everything