Do costly HDMI cables make any difference? Apparently not!

Do costly HDMI cables make any difference? Apparently not!.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Expert Reviews has now carried out their own HDMI cable tests, but rather than focusing on an individual cable, they went to prove whether or not expensive cables make any difference over much cheaper cables.  They used a PC as the source, a TrueHD capture card to capture the frames and compared MD5 hashes of source and captured frames.

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Exactly !

I’ve been buying $8 HDMI 1.x certified cables for years.

Screw those scammers at Monster cable ! Specially in Canada where a Monster cable that’s $100 at Best Buy in US was $240 at Best Buy in Canada ! Ebay was my savior that time…
Expensive cables made a difference in the days of analog (but sometimes not enough for the $$) but not with HDMI.

Don’t be scammed by your AV sales person, there are tons of cheap good HDMI cables out there.

Just don’t buy cables that aren’t certified high speed. The cert will either be packaged with the cable or at least posted on the internet.

You can get 3-6ft hdmi cables for under $10 on ebay & amazon. Most of these are 1.3 / 1.4 capable…

A few years back when I did my HD TV research the people over at AVS Forum recommended Monoprice for HDMI use.

I thought this discussion had been resolved 5 years ago.

The answer is: High quality cables make a difference in noise rejection, and signal quality. Will anyone notice that high quality cables have slightly better noise rejection or slightly higher gain than a cheap cable?
You can best your ass they won’t.

The only scenario where an expensive cable is a better choice than a cheap cable is for long lengths where potential noise is a concern, or where it’s a long run inside a wall where replacement is difficult or expensive, or where the reliability is mission critical.

I’ve had a few cheay Hdmi cables die on me, but they cost less than $5 inc p&h, and they were subject to constant plugging and unplugging into myg laptop. Under those circumstances, it’s not likely that the higher quality cables would hav made any real difference, except to my wallet.

It’s not environmentally friendly, but until someone makes a heavily robust hdmi cable, the cheapies are the only feasible option.

No Shit!

«…there are AV websites and home cinema magazines that praise the advantages of high price HDMI cables claiming remarkable things they achieve over the average budget cable»

Who’s paying the publicity on these websites and magazines?
No surprise that they would say that those pricey cables are the best.

Long time i don’t buy tech or cinema magazines, they praise for who pays more.

Long live

I didn’t notice any difference in play back but then again I bought a HDMI for around 10US on closeout for my hdmi dvd player to my hdmi tv and it works fine. Don’t need those 100$ hdmi unless someone gives it to me but for 10$ closeout for 6foot cable couldn’t pass that offer up.

[QUOTE=ivid;2635785]I’ve been buying $8 HDMI 1.x certified cables for years.[/QUOTE]

I get my 1.3 HDMI cables at Tiger Direct for $4 each. Anything 6 feet and under and you don’t see a difference in quality. However, for long runs I would pay the extra money for cables with better shielding.

Like others said, long runs and tight bends anduses where they will be flexed often may require a better quality cable but here is a cheapy for $1.49 with free shipping using this code


I think the discussion about HDMI cables is much more emotional than it needs to be. Of course you have the super cheap cables (which are mostly crap from the manufacturing viewpoint) and the super expensive cables (which are a rip-off). If you consider the fact that all cables are providing the same signal quality and that some cables are supporting more features than others then you will quickly see that a $5 High Speed HDMI cable from any brand you like is probably the best choice. I am happy with my Amazon cables for more than 3 years now and never had any issue with them. That’s a pretty unemotional judgement :slight_smile: