Do Cds have a fat or mft?

Hi everyone do cds have a fat or mft? I was just wondering because I was thinking of ways to put a file on a cd but without windows explorer being able to see the file. Like putting all the data for a file all in one chunck on the cd but not putting the pointer in the fat or mft. Is this possible?

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I´m not able to directly answer your question, but since no-one else has yet, may I suggest you read through this article carefully, and check out the links at the bottom. I think you should be able to find what you need there.

And I´m sure some whizzo-genius-geek will be along sometime soon to clarify all this in one short and simple sentence :doh:

yay, I found out how, thanks for the link. For anyone wondering, I skimmed it and found out that cds have a toc, so I just dumped my cd to an iso, opened it in hex workshop, searched for the file name of the file I wanted to be hidden and filled it with zeros, then I searched for the data at the beginning of the file I hid and copied the address I found that way I know where the file data starts. I then save and reopened the .iso and the file was hidden. Thanks again for the link.

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