Do burners wear out?

My 812s is less than a year old, BUT I have burned over 600 discs and I notice it is really having a lot of trouble lately - taking sometimes twice or three times as long, failing more often than when new, and I have tried various different f/w upgrades, with and without the omnipatcher schemes. I wonder if maybe these devices have something inside like a light bulb that has only so many burns before it starts to lose its spark - I am using the same cheap (longten002, ricohjpn01, etc.) that I always have - just wondering… littleberry

I think it´s time for lenscleaning and small refreshment. :wink:

Of course burners wear out, they are after all mechanical devices so as things wear they go out of tolerance a pretty soon can go unusable.

That said on most drives I’ve seen fail it appears the laser (not lightbulbs) starts to crap out before anything mechanical, this leads to drive refusing to burn RW media (but can still burn R media), the sudden inability to read certain types or problems burning certain types/brands of media.

600 is fairly heavy use, but still should only be “mid life” for the diode, I’ve seen figure quoted of about 1,500-2,000 burns is what you should expect for a writer. Although I know of some old 2x burners which I know for a fact have burnt over 4,000 and are still going strong.

IMHO 600 is really peanuts for a burner - 10 times this should be more of a problem (as you note of some older burners, Prototype).
Clean the lens (more often a problem than many peeps realise), flash with CG3B or US0Q, re-install yr burning software, defrag the HD, clean re-install OS if needed - only then can you be sure that the burner is failing :wink:
Of course it is possible that it is, but have you not changed any hardware/software recently that might have affected it?
Hope you get it fixed - things that break at the 12 month mark (I am having a rash of them at the moment ;( ) are a bummer.

I didn’t realize users could clean the lense. I’ll have to research on how to do that and give it a try. If anyone has a reference for me I would appreciate it. The burner isn’t actually failing, as such, and sometimes it will indeed burn at its normal 8X speed, but, more often than not it is burning at 6X now and rejects about 3 per 20 of the cheapie longten002’s (used to be only 1 in 20). I’m definitely going to five the lens cleaning idea a go. Littleberry

Clean the lens (more often a problem than many peeps realise), …

get a lens cleaner disk. you find them at most hardware-shops

my LDW-411s might be having this problem

It won’t read most blank DVD+/-Rs and makes a bit of noise like it is trying to spin up, then stops, and makes a little click, then tries again.

The media it will read though, it can write to just fine.

My drive is almost a year old, guess I need to buy a new one :frowning:

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New working link to EEPROM Utility :wink:

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