Do buffer underruns have any impact on quality of Kprobe scans?

I’m curious as to what kind of impacts, if any, will buffer underruns have on Kprobe readings? I’ve got serious fragmentation problems and as such, have been getting alot of buffer underruns while burning. I ran a Kprobe expecting to get crappy results, but saw PI/PO max’s of around 21/3 which seem to indicate a good burn. The discs read fine in my other drives. I was just wondering if these underruns have any impact on the quality of the burns?


Occasionally, some drives will create an open sector at the location of a buffer “pause”. This represents a failure of the drive’s protection, but it does sometimes occur, especially at higher burn speeds. Apart from that, there’s no particular reason to expect any affect on PI/PO error rates.

That said, it’s not a good idea to burn at speeds that cause under-runs. While the protection is designed to prevent coasters, it’s not 100% reliable. Given the low price of large HD’s, why not get a bigger one? I assume that the drive is too full to get it defragged.

Also highly recommend Diskeeper for scheduled defrags and boot-time defrag.