Do blank DVDR deteriorate with age?

I have some Memorex 4x Ricoh Japan 001 and Fuji 8x Yuden 002 DVD+R disks that I bought a couple years ago but have not yet used.

Do blank DVDR deteriorate with age, or does this only occur after you have burned something onto a disk?

I believe they do. I burned through 50 ProdiscF01 from May to December and watched my scans turn from okay to crap. But with good media like that, you might not need to worry as much.

The short answer is that they can deteriorate. All recordables are made with organic dye that is suseptable to heat and light. Prolonged exposure to either can cook a disc whether it’s been burned or not. Given good storage conditions, blank media should last as long as recorded media does.

Mshan, I once read a poster who spoke with a media distributor (for TY, I believe) and the distributor claimed that unburned media under proper storage conditions shouldn’t degrade for ~5 years. I have unburned CD-R that is 5 years old and has seemingly burned as well as if I would have burned it just a few months after I got it. 2 other CDFreaks have stated they have media they just burned that was 6-8 years old, yet they got excellent results. It’s probably a good idea where possible not to leave it sitting around for a long time unburned, but obviously there is significant ‘leeway’ if its quality media and stored properly.

My 2nd fave is some TDK 2x discs and my worry is a little bit if they last. Burn quality is excellent even if they must be 2-3 years old but i wonder if readability is good for the future. Should say i don’t use them for important back up even if they’ve proven 100’s of very nice scans and no readability problem. App. 1/100 has been damaged (not sure if it’s by me or?). The TFT curve tends to break in the end when i use Benq but not from my other drives, which are 12x readers. PIF/PIE is very good - esp PIE is the best from my overall tests :slight_smile: