Do better of my 3500

i’m sorry if the dvd is not full but look at the picture… i’m a n00b and i’m looking for a better result in the forum

This is probably not as bad as you think.

The 457x range are not great scanners & tend to report the PI Errors rather higher than they should be.

For the PIFs that’s a really excellent result.

What firmware version is the 3500 using as an update might help reduce the PIEs.

In the real world of playback i find these graphs worthless, some people here get so upset over it they sell the burner, they waste 100’s of blanks for “test purposes”.
If whatever your burning works, then i wouldnt worry about a stupid graph
This is MY opinion, not YOURS!

i do better myself… this is a verbatim made in taiwan 16x@8x written with 4571 and 1-Z1 firmware

That looks like an excellent burn. :iagree: