Do Benqs 'learn' write strategy?

I’m a recent Benq convert- got my 1620 Pro a week ago and am loving it:) . I did notice that my first few burns had relatively high PIEs (max 60-80 scanning with K-Probe on my old Lite-On 851@832). I had thought that WOPC obviated any inter-burn changes in the write strategy, but after those first few discs, my PIEs have been absolutely fantastic (max 10).

So bottom line: does the 1620 ‘learn’ anything that carries over between burns?

as far as i know…no…

the drive needs some warming up first then after that all your future burns will be fine…

I also heard that the technical answer is “no”.
If you opened a new media spindle and started your test then it can be the media issue because the first few media at the top of a spindle may differ a bit from the others.

However, I also experienced the same thing. (I deliberately chose media at the center of a spindle) So I also think the warmup theory has a point. It may need a few burns for mechanical stability.

I’ve often wondered about this.

My personal results also suggest to me that there might be a learning function going on, but this is a very subjective thing and it is frequently denied…

Then again, it was frequently denied in the LiteOn forum until CodeKing proved it to be so…

Why don’t we just ask Benq ?

Sure, go ahead… but don’t expect any answer in near future. :wink:

Gentlemans you must be joking… in my calendar, first april was yesterday. :slight_smile:

Credit to C0deKing, but also to all the rest contributing to this, not to forget ala42