Do anyone use ICOPYDVDs2 that come with 1633S...?

Do anyone use ICOPYDVDs2 that come with 1633S to backup
their movies? Is it good…?

Or the Free DVDShrink do the job better…?


Hmmm… can’t say I’ve heard of it (i got an OEM drive with no software) but you can’t go wrong with Shrink! I also love CloneDVD with AnyDVD installed for its ease of use.

Better start getting use to DVD Decryptor with the new copy protection that’s out. Shrink can’t handle it on it’sown.

BK24, Thanks for the recomandation.
Can DVD Decryptor auto shrink D9 movie to D5…?
Is it as easy as DVDshrink…?


Youll have to use DVD Decryptor to rip the movie to your hard drive then use Shrink in file mode to get it to D5.

I have icopydvds2, have had it for a year or so now. Works really well most of the time, But will freeze up on certain disc. Not sure if its beause of write protection or errors on the disc?