Do any work

First I tried DVD43,now region free + css neither worked on anything. I am using easy media creator 8, windows XP :doh:

Is there a page like for Region + CSS Thanks

Do not try to run any other decrypting program while using Region Free + CSS Free. DVD43 will conflict with programs. I used it until I started getting movies it would not decrypt. I have not used Region Free + CSS Free but it is decrypting part of all Fab products. I use Platinum, but have DVDIdle Pro which works like Region Free + CSS Free, but has additional features to idle down the drive. Try this link it has a lot of info:

Print it out for a reference. Also read faqs on support page from:


I took the DVD49 out before installing region. When I used the DVD49 the face would get red then green and smile the way it was supposed to. But when I would try to copy would get protected cant copy. Tried restarting several times,the playing for a minute thing gave up uninstalled got region. Would get same message,could not find directions on their site. You just enable it go to copy correct? Or am I missing a step? Could they both not work with creator 8?

Well I figured it out will make me look stupid but might help someone else. I was using disc copy instead of DVD movie copy 3 items down. Only now, all but 1 of the 3 I wanted to copy will need a dual layer disc. Guess the free one would have worked but may as well keep this one when trial is up since the free one doesnt work on some. Thanks for the reply Bigmacnc

DVD43 is no longer updated, so with anti copy protections changing continuously it does not work with most movies produced in last 1-2 years. You were right about DVD43 and face changes and when green copy. Newer protections have frames that start repeating when being ripped and/or shrunk and usually hid in extras because the same anti copy methods came make DVD not play right on some players and more people will accept freezing and pixilization, etc as long as it does not interfere with main movie making retuning DVD to store for exchange or refund.

I would suggest that you try a free trial of Platinum which is a combo of Express and Gold both will do dual layers but cost of DL DVDs is costly and Gold will split to 2 less costly disc or use Express to compress, but either way choose main movie only with format and audio desired.


So the platinum would be all that is needed? Or would I still need protection remover?

Platinum rips and burns and simple to use. That is program most of us use. The Express part of Platinum is as simple as 1 click and adding and removing DVDs.


I suggest you try the combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd from have a 21 day trial. Good luck.

What I did yesterday was record to my hard drive. Used video comp. in easy media creator to record just the movie results exactly the same as with -movie only- option with platinum. The extras were bloopers, like you said I saw the thumbnails for them were mostly green with pieces of broken video. When I played the image file they were scrambled. So what would have happened if it would not have needed 2 discs and I burned it all. Would the whole disc have been ruined? Or just the extras scrambled? Did no see option to compress in platinum is it only in express

Platinum is just a name for the software package that contains Express mode and Gold mode. Use chart to determine your need as Platinum has all options check that refer to what is available in the package, compare the Express mode to Gold mode for your need. You get same options if you choose to purchase Express and Gold seperately, but Platinum will not require as much HD space since programs are intergrated:

I probably would never use complete disc mode in any program because I am use to getting straight to movie. I experimented with a few DL DVDs and even though they played great, I got frustrated waiting for movie.


Yea it was the gold part I used that I saw no option to compress. Have not used express yet but saw it had the option. Still don’t know which I will keep the platinum or the region. I like the way region runs in the background allowing me to use my own burn program. And it will do music CD’s. also like the simplicity of platinum and the extras. And Scotton thought about trying stuff but if I liked it, would not be able to buy the only credit card I have is discover they don’t accept and they won’t take pay-pal or check

I see they offer PayPal through Regnow when you go to buy now page listed at top.


That’s at dvdidle they will even take a check but slysoft only takes visa and mastercard. I sent them e-mail and asked if they took pay pal their responce Currently we only accept credit card orders. We are working on other
options, but cannot tell you when they will be set up.

Slightly off topic but related why aren’t blank DVD9’s are whatever their called availible to us mere mortals?

they are… there called dvd+/-dl

The closest thing is a DL disc,you can burn an entire movie on it without compression.

I knew the two sided ones were,but why not the single sided?

Dual Layers disks are everywhere.

These are the only programs to use for the newbies, and forget everything else.

Dual Layer Burning

DvD Decrypter,Imgburn with AnyDvD
DvDFab Decrypter

Single Layer Burning

CloneDvD with AnyDvD
DvD Shrink,Nero with AnyDvD

There are other options to use but you must learn the basics first.

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looks easy with dvdfabexpress too just check dual layer enable.