Do any of you actually use your laptop on your lap?



Do any of you actually use your laptop on your lap? I don’t because I think it’s gonna fall and more importantly, the fan ends up covered by my leg. I also see ppl on tv shows and movies using their laptops on beds, which is a big no no.


I use mine in a modified way but it is nearly always on my lap in some form. I tilt it so it doesn’t lay flat on my legs. It is too warm for that.


I almost always use mine on my lap and sometimes in bed, but if I’m working it hard or have f@h running I’ll do the same as UTR and tilt it so the vent isn’t blocked


It blocks the air vents and I use a mouse, so no.


I use my laptop on my lap occasionally, in combination with this cooling pad.
But I prefer sitting at a table and using the mouse :slight_smile:


It depends a lot on the laptop. :slight_smile: This might sound daft, but from my experience of using various makes and models over the years, if the manufacturer calls it a Notebook or called it this at the time it was purchased (e.g. Dell’s earlier models), it will likely either run uncomfortably hot or have a vent in a wrong place to comfortably use on a lap.

Some older laptops such as Pentium 4 based use to run hot. Those with fan vents on the bottom near the right or left also tend to run hot on a lap due to the vent being blocked. Some Dell models up until recently had this issue. For these, a cooling pad would be required, especially with anything CPU intensive.

Pretty much all Netbooks I’ve come across run comfortably on a lap, mostly due to their low power consumption, making them cool running.

Most recent new laptops have the input vent in the middle at the bottom or back, which means that these are not blocked on a lap and thus should run just as well as on a table. This is the way our Toshiba Pro A120 is and I’ve never had any issue with it getting uncomfortably hot.

To answer the question, I do mainly use mine on my lap, as I generally use it while out & about. For example, as a passenger in the car or on the bus, there’s simply no table to place it on. :disagree: