Do any of the Taiyo Yuden CD-R have a blue burning side?


All of the Taiyo Yuden CD-R that I buy have a light green burning side, no matter the year, model or burning speed. I am looking for 74min/650MB TY MIJ Silver Reflective Layer + Cyanine CD-Rs with a dark and deep blue color (think of Verbatim MIJ/MIS Metallized Azo 8x CD-R or at the very least TDK MIJ Metallized Cyanine CD-Rs), does anything like that exist or are all TY CD-Rs light green in color?

Taiyo Yuden has green or blue-green CDRs:
If you’re looking for dark blue CD-R,
the kind you would use to burn a DiskT @ 2,
I can help you.
How many do you need? (send me a private Message)
PS. I have this from TDK and Verbatim

Could you send me a PM instead? I can’t seem to be able to find a way to send PMs, thanks.

I would be interested in blue-green CDRs from Taiyo Yuden. I managed to get a pack of 10 CD-Rs from TDK that were light blue (MID: 97m32s00f) though it doesn’t say anywhere if they are made in Luxembourg or Japan.

TY 0
TY 1
Metal azo

Metal Azo on TDK 97m15s00f? Isn’t that Cyanine instead?

Basically I want to avoid buying TY CD-R whose dye color is as light as this:

Hello Allan.
I live in Europe, I am a collector of TY-CDs.
I have many TY CDs from various manufacturers.
Also I have high quality Metal azo CDrs from Verbatim (650MB)
Made in Taiwan (1999).
How many of which kind do you want?
What may a blank CD cost?


For a DiskT @ 2 I would only use Metal azo!

Is that so? But what if there is some compatibility issues with the player when using Azo?

What for a Player?
A Audio Music CD Recorder?

I can send you TY CDs and a pack for testing
Metal azo.
How many do you want?

I am interested in CD-R Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden, which models have the darkest dye shade? For example I noticed that the Sony CDQ-74 Made by Taiyo Yuden have quite a dark dye in comparison to the CD-R dyes that I just posted the picture of a few minutes ago. Might you have any TY models with a darker dye?

For testing? How about ~5 or so? I want 74 min with Silver Reflective Layer and Made in Japan. I pay with Paypal.

There is no CD-R of Taiyo Yuden with one
darker dye.
All 97m24s01f discs look the same !!!


Taiyo Yuden …
Taiyo Yuden is only from Japan.
From no other country!

Low-speed TY silver CD-Rs with ATIP = 97m 24s 01f (i.e. 6X, 8X, 12X, 16X) have a slightly thicker / darker dye than higher speed versions.

There are two types of TDK blue dye. The type with ATIP ending with 00f is low speed metal stabilsed cyanine and can be found with gold or silver reflective layers. It is dark blue in colour. The type with ATIP ending with 01f is a higher speed metal stabilised cyanine dye and can only be found with silver reflective layers. It is similar in colour to early TY 01f cyanine.

Can any of them be of a blue color? Such as these:

I am interested in the darker low speed dye, which model(s) would you recommend?

I have many hundreds of TY CDs.
I never got to buy one with bluish dye in Europe …
PS. Were they made only for the Japanese market?

No, they’re all various shade of lighter blue. If you want dark blue cyanine CD-Rs, you need to look for TDK, Pioneer or Maxell.

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As far as MIJ in concerned:

Are MIJ Maxell CD-R that have a burning speed of 6x or 8x recommendable? I am asking because I notice that there are tons of #623310 on ebay, but I see people saying that Maxell CD-R are not as good/reliable as Taiyo Yuden and TDK?

TDK CD-Rs are not as easy to find as Maxell CD-Rs, but definitly easier to find then Pioneer. I noticed in another post you mentioned that to get the dark blue CD-Rs from TDK, you need to aim for early 12x CD-R or lower, does that that also apply to the domestic japanese market?

Pioneer CD-Rs are definitly the most dificult CD-R to find, literally can’t find any in the US and Europe. Can’t find any GDM-G74S nor RDD-74B or anything else Pioneer.

Not in the same league as TDK, but still better than most.

Yes. 16X TDK in Japan can be TY, Ritek or TDK with light blue cyanine dye.

That’s right, because Pioneer only produced CD-Rs in relatively small quantities.

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