Do any modern drives have Mt. Rainier (aside from BenuQ Q60)

I am strongly considering buying a BenQ Q60 (AKA Teac-516E) because it pretty much seems to be the only modern dual mode (+/-) recorder on the market right now which actually has Mt. Rainier support.

From reading the forums here, it seems that a lot of people think that this drive makes low quality burns… but I’m a newbie as far as interpreting quality results goes (I had been mostly happy with my ancient nec ND-1300A (maximum 4x recording) for many years, but it just died so I need to buy another drive).

So just how bad, exactly, is the Q60?

Are they terrible or merely not as wonderfull as certain other drives? Should I expect any recordings with this drive to be error prone and unreliable, or what?

Oh, BTW… does anyone know if there is any other modern DVD±R(W) drive out there supports Mt. Rainier that I should be considering instead? From a few hours of research, it seems the Q60 is essentially the only one.

what for do you want to use Mt. Rainier???

What about Plextor?

Razor: I’ve used packet writing before, but with enough mounts, the disk becomes damaged. Mt Rainier has built in defect management, where it transparently moves sectors that have gone bad into other areas, like modern hard drives. Removable 4.4Gb hard disks for 20 cents a pop are pretty cool.

tehGrue: I haven’t been able to discover any plextor drives with mt. rainier support. If anyone knows of one, I’d be happy to hear about it.

i think 712a and/or 716a support mount rainier on cdrw (not dvdrw)

coming 760a is supposed to support mouut rainier; however, for dvdrw, it will be added through firmware update, so i wouldn’t count on it.

dvd-ram is better than mount rainier in terms of data integrity and media defective management.

i would get “supermulti” drive rather than searching for mount rainier supported drive.
lg’s supermulti should work for you.

btw, most mount rainier supporting cdrw drives had bugs, so they could not really do the defective management as they should have.

if you really need worry free solution, get magnetio-optical or whatever (usually called MO); very reliable; fujitsu sells the drive & media (drive is ~100usd & each disk is around 5 to 10usd) they are 3.5" small format disks afaik (compatability can be a pain though)

don’t trust flash drive too much either; nand based memory chip can loose bits & there are rewritability problems especially with nor type. samsung and hynix, toshiba are way to go & other el-cheapo chips can cause you major problems

Only few new Benqs and Plextors support it at all, IIRC.