Do any external cases work with DVD burners?

I got a pioneer drv-109 burner in an external case on ebay back on the first of June. The enclosures I keep getting from the seller don’t work, the first two or three only wrote at 1.7x max, and the last one i have now writes at 3x max.

It’s not the computer, software, media, or drive. It’s the enclosure.

I want to buy an enclosure for my dvd burner but now I am worried that whatever I buy will not let me write at full speed. I’ve read reviews while enclosure shopping that others have had the same problem with other enclosures and drives.

Can anyone give me any advice here on getting an enclosure for my burner that’ll work?


There are a lot of people who have successfully moved their burners off to enclosures, so it should work if you have the right setup. Give this thread a try:
[thread]119149[/thread] has two cases that work at 16X with Pioneer and others. Look for Plumax with a Prolific 3507 chip. They have USB and firewire/USB.

make sure the case is usb 2.0 and you have a usb 2.0 port on your computer

Posted nearly at once?

To anyone who finds this later… Cypress chipsets do not work with pioneer dvd burners, atleast not my DVR-109. Beware not to buy an enclosure with a cypress chipset!

My 109 performs flawlessly in this enclosure:

Bytecc ME-340U2