Do Any DVD Burners Exist That Can Apply Disc T@2s to CD-Rs?

I think I know that with Nero 7 Premium or any 6.X.X version I can burn Disc T@2s onto CD-Rs, but what drives can be used? Certainly the CRW-F1, but are there any DVD±RW drives that can burn Disc T@2s to CD-Rs?

Some people seem to be saying they use Disc T@2 with various cross-flashed Pioneer 111 drives, but do those only T@2 DVDs?

Some drives are listed on the Wikipedia page about Disc T@2, but the statement

is really vague; what firmware, from what drive, needs to be used? Also, it says LabelFlash and not T@2 which makes me think they’re talking about DVDs only.

Thanks in advance for any clarification!

Your wikipedia link says:

LabelFlash’s implementation of DiscT@2 does not support CD-R media

Is that to say that the DVD drives listed in that article are, in fact, LabelFlash drives and therefore can only label DVDs?

Only Yamaha can use DiscT@2 on CD-R, any other drives can use it ONLY on DVD+R/DVD-R.

I was beginning to suspect that; thanks for confirming.