Do all Liteon DVD recorders give such poor results with cheap DVD's

I’ve sick’n’tired of my 411S drive. Everytime a new disc arrives in shops I buy one and test it. After many tests I’ve chosen one type of disc which had given me good results. But now recording any types of disc besides dvd-movies gives me lots of errors. I can’t record any data dvd on that discs.
Now when prices for newer models are so low i’m thinking about change but is it worth it, will I get a better results.
I know that if I want no-error recording I should stick to good brands like TDK, Verbatim but I have a lot of recording and my budget won’t stand that.
My 411S has latest bios, I overclocked it to 811S some time ago but it was the same :Z

LiteOn drives are not great with cheap discs. Methinks this is especially true with the first generation of drives (the 401S thru 811S). Starting with the 451S, LiteOn switched to a new laser and this seems to result in better performance.

However, data is data is data, regardless of whether its a document of some sort of video data in the form of a DVD-movie, so to be able to write movies but not data discs seems very strange and may possibly point to a problems elsewhere (software??). :confused:

Yes, I know that recording good dvd-movies and bad data dvd’s is strange but that’s what’s whappening to me whole last week. On monday I’ve bought 5 disc, they have ICAM brand.
I recorded (in Nero) two disc of Return of King DVD - OK
Then I’ve had some utils and tutorials to burn. First I’ve recorded in Nero, 7 files where corrupted, most within one directory but 1 or 2 on the others.
Then I’ve recorded the same stuff using RecordNOW MAX 4.60 with engine update
Errors again.
I’ve got one disc left out of five and thinking how to burn it correct. Maybe setting project as UDF instead of ISO would help, DVD-movies are UDF, aren’t they?

i have mainly the same problem with my 411s. I hacked to 811, it’s a bit better but not drasticaly.
I suppose that our drives have some leaks that Kprobe and co show.
I read a lot of post about the problem of 411, 811 burning aswell good media as low cost media with the same result : bad…
I’m waiting for the second generation of Dual writer to switch my burner. I think there is no solution to this fact.
If u ask liteone, they will say that u have to use the better media to have great result. This is true, with better media you will have better burns, but still worse than same burn with same media with another burner…
( i tested emtec +r, that is great media (ricoh dye) wich is detected as 8X altough it’s a 4x. Actually i got better burns than with princo or low cost one. My dvd runs better in my standalone player, but the kprobe result is far beyond the result of others with the same media…)

Until kprobe or similar would be a Liteone product and that u can show its results. You will have no real “proof” that u’r burner is a bad one.

I noticed too that my burns always are better in the begin and bad in the end of the burn (let say round 50 minutes of the film it generally begins to be a bit crappy on cheap media). Maybee the drive is not abble to keep it’s lazer intensity all the time.

Maybee we will get an answer in the future when our knowledge about writers, technology, etc would increase…

MY 812S@832S burns the worst media (Platinum DVD+R) with no worse results than the supposed champ of bad media (the NEC-2500A/2510A). For comparison, I have also tested the finest media on the LiteOn 812S@832S (Verbatin MCC 002/Mistubishi Chemicals). All of the discs shown were burned at 8x and read with Kprobe at 4x. All of these discs are rated at 4x.

The first pic is my 812S@832S burning 4x Platinum discs (at 8x) with a blank 002 media code (I could see visual pits allover these discs, but more prominent towards the outside).

The second pic is the 812A@832S burning Mitsubishi Chemicals MCC 002 discs at 8x (4x rated).

The third pic is my NEC2500A@2510A burning the same crappy Platinum DVD+R media in case 1.

The fourth pic is my NEC2500A@2510A burning the Mitsubishi Chemicals MCC 002 DVD+R media in case 2.


Yesterday I’ve overclocked back to 811S uploaded new bios and recorded the same stuff on the same ICAM dvd and ?!?!?!? it went OK !!!
I’ve recorded as DVD UDF project and set DVD-video compability option and now I’m confused - did the overclocking and new bios helped or recording in udf format
I’ll keep on trying.

IMO lite on is very bad with dvd-r, no problem with dvd+r
to use dvd-r,i use udf format and sometimes it works without errors.

next time, i’ll buy another burner like nec 2500 a
lite on, finish for me!!!

That’s an interesting comment about LiteOn drives not doing so well with DVD-R. That has been my experience so far as well (I’m using an 811S - the real one, not the modded 411).

Getting good media is definitely a factor in the DVD-R problem. I tried some LEADDATA DVD-R cheepos and they seem to be fine for pure data disks, but useless for movies - at least the stand alone players I have can’t read them. I tried various other DVD-R’s (it was a while ago that I gave up on that route, so I don’t recall the brands, but they weren’t cheap) and out of 10 or 15 disks only 1 or 2 didn’t end up in the garbage. In retrospect that was probably just a combination of software, the fact that I’m a newb, etc.

Or is it? I have started to have some success with the DVD+R route (close to 15 successful backups, although the scans aren’t great), but I bought some Memorex DVD-R’s the other day and tried to burn a movie I have saved on my hard disk to use for all testing and the errors are still just absolutely heinous (up in the 700 to 800 range near the end, won’t play on the standalone players). DVD+R at the same burning speed (4x) is working pretty well with peaks around 25 or so.

(Update: Hmmm…that’s about as clear as mud - what I should’ve said is that the DVD+R’s, while working in the stand-alone players, have generally had not so great scans. This turned out to be caused by burning them at 2x speed. Changing to 4x lowered the error level in Kprobe. So I’m getting close to feeling I’ve perfected my method on DVD+R’s.)

In a way it doesn’t matter about DVD-R because DVD+R is now working great.
But it’s fun to try to tweak this stuff and figure out what causes the problem - and hopefully see a solution someday.

(Update 2: For the record I use this method - DVD Decryptor —> DVD Shrink —> RecordNowDX w/new px engine)

Part of the reason is that -R isn’t as good of a format as +R. As a result, it’s easier to do well on +R than it is for -R. The other reason is that LiteOn burners do favor +R, and LiteOn burners started as plus-only, so one would imagine that LiteOn has spent more time and energy into +R. People who buy LiteOn burners should be aware of this fact and should be aware that LiteOn burners do favor the plus format, and consequently, they should be using plus discs. Likewise, you don’t see many people who buy Pioneer burners using the plus format (since Pioneer drives have a similar bias, except towards -R). Same goes for BenQ drives–they are even more biased towards +R. Know what your burner likes and feed it that. :slight_smile:

But before people mis-interpret this post as a “-R doom-and-gloom” post, these drive can burn decent -R media with acceptable quality. (It’s just that it can burn +R with better quality.) Attached is a G04 burn (my first burn ever!) done on my old 451S running on firmware GSB6 (though scanned on my 832S, since I never scanned this disc when it was first burned months ago… not nearly as good as my +R burns on the same drive/firmware). I’m not saying that people should switch away from -R, esp. if it’s working for them. But just be aware that -R usually won’t do as well as +R on LiteOn drives, and that people should be aware of this and expect it. And as always, YMMV.

Thanks for that explanation, code65536. I’m glad it’s not just me. :slight_smile:

I will stick to the DVD+R’s. Now to get my 811s burning reliably with 4x disks @ 8x…

811s burn cheap media better than anyother LiteON drive… i dont know why :frowning: