Do adaptors to transmit wirelessy for wired routers exist?

When I get a Wii, I’d rather take advantage of the built in wifi than trail a network cable upstairs (where my onsoles are) than buy a silly adaptor so that it can go into Wii’s USB port (apparently that’s how it’ll work if you want wired internet - no ethernet port :frowning: ). So, I’m wondering if there’s something I can plug into one of the available ports on my wired router that will transmit for a wifi device like a Wii or a wifi laptop to pick up?

That would be an “Access point” - effectively a wireless router without the router function, but quite likely to cost as much or more than getting a wireless router instead.

“No” then?

Haha, damn. OK, thanks mate. I want to get a laptop for uni at some point in the future and build my little girl a PC for Christmas and what with wireless network cars only being ~£10,a wireless router it is then…

You can buy an access point, but:
Taking Ebuyer as an example

AP - £20.93 (out of stock/discontinued), £34.03

ADSL or DSL routers are similar prices to the AP, and would be one box instead of two, one plugtop powerblob instead of two.

You CAN keep your existing router and extend it wirelessly with an AP, but I wouldn’t recommend it - you can also find bundles of router and adapter at reasonable prices.

No worries, I scored a D-Link ADSL wireless router DSL-G604T with wired access points for £20 at a computer fair, solving some of my woes concerning switching from cable to ADSL also. W00T!