Do 48 speeds turn off and on during buring?

My new 48 speed turns off and on during the burning cycle. And to be honest it doesnt seem faster then my 24x speed at all.

Any ideas on why this doesnt burn straight thru?


You could be a littel more generous with the system information and a description of what is occurring.
I’ll assume that you mean that you see a drive light that is alternating between orange and red. This is usually buffer under-run. If you see a fluctuating buffer in Nero, then this is the case, and you have a system that is not delivering data fast enough. enable DMA on all drives and you should see some improvement.
If the buffer remains full, then you are probably seeing SmartBurn slowing your burn speed due to an inadequate media.

Actually my last post which had no replies to it had a lot more information so I thought I would try a diffrent approach.

I am using a Win Xp on a Dual athlon 1800+ a Asus mother board, my CDR-w is a Sony CRX210A1 48/12/48x

There is no buffer underruns going on my software shows the buffer at around 98% or higher. The light does not go from amber to red it goes off then on. I am using Imation 48x speed media so its not cheap stuff and its rated for the proper speed.

I get this problem with Nero, CDRWIN, and clone cd and sony’s shitty software.

I did notice that in device manager list my CDR-w as a CRX210E1 instead of a CRX210A1 if that has any effect.


There’s no good reason for the light to go on and off, unless you’re burning track-at-once. BTW, there’s nothing good about Imation media, it’s cheap stuff made by CMC, not very reliable.
Anyway, the burn time is what you should be quoting here, as that is the only real measurement that matters. At 40x, you should be seeing 700MB burned in about 3:20 with Nero. Try some better media, like Fuji 40x/48x and see if it improves.