Do 4163 Backups work on X-Box with Samsung Drive?

Hello Guys,

i am thinking about to buy a LG 4163. Now i just have the Question if MINUS-R burned Discs work on X-Box with Samsung Drive ?

it just very important for me to know this. It seems that the LG is a very good burner thats why i m looking out for that one.

Thank You !

I don’t know if I’m shure, but my son tell me about X-Box, which read only DVD+R, with the book type set to DVD-ROM, and LG 4163 burns DVD+R with this book type DVD-ROM very well. You can’t change the book type of the DVD-R medias, only DVD+R(W).

Samsung drives read dvd-r, dvd-rom, cd-r, cd-rw and I also tested dvd+rw. Those all work, the only thing that doesn’t is dvd+r not bitsetted. But the LG can bitset dvd+r to dvd-rom, make sure you set it up correctly.

hi guys,

thats for your advice :slight_smile:

i already requested the LG for 75 € , good price i think for the retail one.

just one question to sOlar :

do you own the 4163 and did you checked yourself with this writer if it works ?

sum weeks ago i got a pio 109 and was so disappointed cause xbox backs worked onyl burnt with a modified version of RNM 4.5. i refund this drive just looking for another one and i think the LG is just a fine drive :slight_smile:

Hey, btw can you actually just rip the Dvds and use them, or do you need a modchip after all?
If not, what kind of program do you use?

Hi Seitenschneider !!!

you ll need a modchip you can watch out for further informations on or

cost propably bout 50-60 bucks (assembly included)

then you need to connect ur xbox with ur pc just using a simple crossover network cable but it MUST be crossover, excepts you use a network hub you must use a normal network cable indeed.

then all you need is evolution x on your xbox - gamefreax will already install it for ya. u also need to config evox and your network card on your pc just give them ip´s ect.

simply, then you need (i prefer) gdf image or any other iso creator just DONT write them as UDF-128 letters - it will suck. ONLY GDF !!! thats my advice to you !

just easy doin if you know how.

ah yes you CANNOT read original xbox discs on your pc. you must copy them via PC-XBOX LAN just read the data out with your xbox drive.

PS : for further details PM me.

Ich glaube wir sprechen die gleiche Sprache, von daher kannste mich auf deutsch PM´n hehe

You don’t need a mod chip to play burned movies (dvd), just if you intend to backup your retail games and play them.

Every -R DVD I have written is playing on my X-BOX.
You will need this one:Craxtion

ooops soz seitenschneider,

movie backups work fine on your xbox. just wasnt sure if you mean movies or games.

and yes sverkalo, i guess. i already burned alot xbox games using the original MS GDF Image. surely craxtion works as well as gdf just got in use with the first one.

thats really good to know thx alot !

just will try out if dvd+r with bitsetting to dvd-rom will work as good as dvd-r on my sammy drive.

Many DVD+R I burned with my previous Sony 500AX without bitsetting couldn’t play.
Some times did and some times not.But with bitsetting I think will be better than -R.

Hmmm, no way around a chip… narf. Thanks for the help anyway :wink: