DMX (digital music express) CD

greetings all,

apologies if this is an old question, did a search of the forum but couldn’t find an answer…

thing is, the bar where I work uses a music system called “Digital Music Express”, where we get a new cd every month to go into our DMX playing system. The disk is downloaded onto the system, and the ( awful ) music plays from there.

anyway, some of my colleagues LOVe the music, and asked me if we could copy some songs from the CDs. The cds have a warning that they will not play on ordinary cd players, so I guess they are encrypted/encoded or a proprietary format ???

There are a few different file types on the cd, but mainly there are 100’s of files named *.pfc which are about the same size as MP3s.

can anyone give further information about these disks and files?

many thanks