has anyone had any experience or knowledge of dealing with this ps2 modchip? I have just installed one on my version 7 ps2 and everytime i load up any type of media it boots to the ps2 to browser screen adn displays disc read error. I am able to disable the chip but still cannot load any media at all, it is not the laser that has broken as i have removed all the chip components and the ps2 works normally and boots straight away. I’m stumped to what the problem may be so any help would be good.

cheers people!

has the firmware been installed onto the modchip i think they are blank from the factory and you have to install it

cant flash the chip at all, cant boot any type of media, when the chip isnt flashed you should still be able to disable the chip and boot original games but i cant even do that, it wont read a single disc so flashing is impossible :frowning: