Dmrex95vebs U61 Frozen

:sad: My panny worked great when i got it, then had HDDERROR come up in screen.Turned off as suggested in booklet. Dvd draw came open, closed it.Switched on , please wait…please wait …etc…10mins; then U61. This is supposed to mean machine has problem and is fixing it. We are meant to leave machine until screen clears.I left mine for 2 DAYS ! I have heard that this is usually due to hard drive problem. It has a Samsung 250Gb in it.Tried to locate replacement on WEB (HA250JC). I have found IDE drive Samsung 250Gb 7200rpm 16; would anyone be able to help me please? In over my head really, but I’m not afraid to have a go. Oh, it’s 3.5 (so my broth-in-law tells me) and do u think it would need formating? :confused: