Dmrex 75 disc not formatted properly

Hello im new to this forum thingy so please bear with me if i get it wrong. Ok i have downloaded and trascoded movies to mpeg format from the usual avi. i used a philips dvd+rw disc to check the quality put this in the dvd video recorder and all was well. When i try it now with any other disc the latest one being the panasonic ram disks i get the message come up unformatted disk i then format which removes the movie and im back to square one. I have repeated the whole process of erasing full formatting with the disc but the only one that works is the philips dvd +r/w disc. I havent tried a +R disc yet as i want to be able to check the quality first before keeping it as permanent disk
all help appreciated

Hi and Welcome!

make sure, what kind of recordable discs are supported by your unit. The manual should mention that. It is also a good idea to use quality media from well-known manufacturers like Verbatim.


hi michael the unit supports every type of disc and ive tried verbatim disc amongst many others but the only one that works is the philips DVD+RW. maybe if i try the -rw disc but i was lead to belive + format was better. I hve bunned directly to a +R disc (taiyo yuden) and thats fine. Im waiting for a reply from Panasonic on this matter also

Many Panasonics have issues with DVD+RW and want to reformate them, The problem with DVD-RAM is the VR formate which requires steps to copy to DVD-R discs. I use DVD-RW EZ to burn to DVD-R; I have used Verbatim, Sony and Imation DVD-RWs.

ok i dont seem to be getting anywhere with this problem and panasonic arent replying so much for the 24 hrs response ext step i suppose is to try a - dvd r/w disc which still wont tell me why the philips +dvd r/w is the only one that works. I have to say that Cd + r/w works though for supervideo cd