DMREH50 Home Theatre Connection



I have just purchased a Panasonic DMREH50 DVD Recorder.

It offers only a Dolby (optical) digital out. My existing surround sound (from an old Grundig home theatre system) only offers 5.1 channel audio in.

I would like to send the audio out from the DMREH50 through to the 5.1 surround system in channel.

Can I do this? If so - how (if connecting cables are necessary, please let me know what they are and, if possible, where I can get them from)?

I am new to discussion forums - please be patient and deal gently with me!


Welcome to CD Freaks :wink:

The connection method will depend on the actual inputs on your 5.1 surround sound amplifier:

If it has has a single Digital 5.1 coaxial input, then all you need is an optical to coaxial converter. The box would connect to your DVD recorder via an optical cable and then to your amplifier using a digital coaxial cable. Here is an example from CPC.

On the other hand, if your surround sound system only has individual analogue inputs for each channel, such as 6x phono (RCA) inputs, then you will need a Dolby Digital decoder. These are quite difficult to come by, at least from what I can see here in Ireland. The only one I am aware of is Creative’s DDTS-100 Decoder. This has optical and coaxial inputs and will decode Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II to 6/8 individual analogue channels for connecting up to a surround sound amplifier with 6 to 8 analogue inputs.