Dmreh50 & dmres20

What are people’s experiences of these? I’m moving from a Philips, and like the fact these models both use +R and +RW disks

Do they work OK with disks from all regions? Is playback good and recording straightforward? Are there any particular issues with them?


Apologies - looks like I was misinformed by Richer Sounds and they don’t do +RW!!!

Five months ago I bought a Panasonic DMR-EH50, which up to now has been an excellent machine. I chose this machine as it:

Supported DVD+R
Supported a Flexible Recording mode (which compresses a recording so it just fits a single disc).
Was a Panasonic - and so hopefully would have stable software, and good editing.

In fact the DVD assembly died after 3 months - but has now been fixed. Back in the best-thing-since-sliced-bread category.

I like to use the FR modes to put 3 hours on a disc - it looks excellent, although the 4 hour LP mode is pretty good too.

Recording and editing on HDD was a revelation - very good!

So yes, I love my EH50! :smiley:

ps If you want multiregion - make sure it is when you buy it.

“ps If you want multiregion - make sure it is when you buy it.”

Oh? The DMR-EH50 is available as a multi-region machine? Where did you get yours at? Are these the Made in Japan versions? Thanks.

I’m interested in one of these (the ES20). What is needed to make it Multi-region?

They are available… in the UK

I thought that it was Japanese… But seems that it was build by Panasonic (Germany) in Slovakia.

To make a Panny multiregion I am told that you need a Panasonic service remote.

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