DMREH50 Copy program on HDD to HDD



Hi all,
Afraid I am bit ignorant when it comes to DVD burners and HDD so I need some help.
I recorded a 3.5 hour program on to my HDD. I would like to edit it down to 2 hours to fit on to DVD but keep the original 3.5 hour version on the HDD.

Can I copy it straight on to the HDD to edit it or do I need to burn it onto 2 disks then copy it back again and "paste’’ them together again.

thanks :o


One method you can try is to create two playlists from the recording and transfer each to a separate disc. To do this, first you will need to add a chapter mark at the two hour mark. Then, create a new playlist containing only the first chapter of the title and dub this to DVD. Then create a second playlist containing only the second chapter and dub this to the second DVD. See pages 40 to 42 of the manual (going by the one I have at hand), as this gives steps to inserting chapters and how to create a playlist.

The alternative method is to do a normal speed dub from HDD to DVD. Use the ‘Flexiable Rec’ mode and this will re-encode the title to fit on the target DVD. Just be warned that this method will result in a slight loss in picture quality, however the original title on the HDD will retain its quality. :wink:


thanks Sean, Looks like the playlist option is the one to go with. Cheers