DMREH50 Can not tune the tv!Help

I am living in Ireland but bought a panasonic DMR-EH50 from the UK. I receive the tv channels by cable so following the instructions plugged it directly into the DVD recorder. I ran the auto-setup for the tv channels but from some reason it is only picking up two channels (E4 and C4 - which are provided by cable). Not picking up any irish or other english channels. I have tried changing the TV type and changing the AV channels and scart cables but nothing.
Is there another frequency search range that I need to select? Is there a country option in the setup which I need to change?
Any help would be appreciated as I am baffled.
thanks :slight_smile:

I live in Scotland & have been told that you cannot tune in the DVD to cable, If you get an answer I would be very much obli8ged if you can pass on how to tune in the Panasonic DVD recorder to CAble, Many Thanks

Is the cable direct RF or is it from a cable box?
I live in the US so not sure, here direct RF cable tunes fine with an anolog tuner, but many more stations using the cable box.