Dmr ez48



Does the DMR EZ48 have a QAM tuner?


Yes, QAM and ATSC. Note QAM will only be stations that are “in the clear” which in some areas are nothing more than the locals and shopping channels. It will get any stations that a digital TV will get.


Thanks jjeff, that’s what I want the sub channel from a local station. On my cable company DVR it is on 1000 something but I assume that’s not actual channel number and a QAM will get it. What confused me was on Panasonic’s site in specs said analog and digital cable 1-135 but in all the TV descriptions’s would clearly state QAM.


Yes the channels will be different numbers on the Panny. In my area the local digital channels are in the 200s but on a digital TV or DVDR they are something like 91.2 etc.
Note they also like to occasionally change them(I think to just PO people who don’t rent their STBs but maybe theirs a practical reason why they do it) but occasionally you’ll need to do a channel rescan on your device to find out where they’ve moved them to. They don’t move them a lot but occasionally you may need to rescan your channels.
Local forums are handy for finding out where they’ve been moved to when they do a channel shuffle.