DMR-EZ47V DVD Recorder -won't stay off, errors U61, C40

My husband is out of town and I’m SO confused. …but I want to solve this myself so for any advice… please be simple :flower:

My DVD Recorder will not stay off. It says BYE and stays off for 30 seconds, then reads STOP, then says U61, then C40 for just a second, and then flashes the little squares for a while before saying BYE and starting all over. When it is on you can hear the disk loudly spinning around in it.

I can’t eject the disk, not even with the little “stop/channel up” trick. I’ve reset it and unplugged it.

There is a CD in it and it is just a blank CD I was recording on this morning.

Please help.

Unplug from power then plug in, turn on and hold down the open/close button.