DMR-EZ27 odd message

Recently, when playing commercial DVDs, an occasional message pops up on the screen showing something about “DVD Playback” and then two audio choices, 1 and 2, with #1 checked. The recorder seems to hooked up just fine; except for seeing this message, which looks like any other informational message from the DVD player, playback is just fine, with no audio problems at all. Sorry I can’t give a better description; this has just happened the last couple of days, when playing commercial DVDs. The only changes I’ve made to the DVD recorder is to have it resynchronize the channels it knows from our cable.

Not sure what the message is trying to say, but a bug with all EZ recorders involves STATUS MESSAGES popping up on the screen at random intervals. What many people do is what I have done, go into the SETUP and DISABLE status messages. This will take care of those annoying popups.
We live in a popup world and the EZ recorders seem to be just playing along with all the other annoying popups.

Thanks, JJef, I’ll give that a try.