DMR-EZ27 can't play Divx on DVD-RW?

Hi, as I am a Panasonic fan, other than owning the DMR-E85H, I also purchased the DMR-EZ27 because I wanted something that could play Divx. Well, I just found out that it can’t play divx on DVD-RW. Only on DVD-R or DVD+R and DL. Is this true?

Another reason why I bought this unit as well was it has a built-in ATSC tuner. Anyone know how I could use this?

Thanks in advance!!!

built-in ATSC tuner, has limited use right now if you use a cable box other wise usefull as it can tune stantions that a analog tuner can not.

Thanks for the tip. From my understanding, you can only use the tuner if you’re using a cable box? What about satallite box?

thanks in advance.

I’m given to understand that if one subscribes to digital cable service that the new Panasonics with digital tuners can replace the cable box so that one may tune everything the cable box formerly tuned.

It would be interesting to hear from a user if this is the case. I am particularly interested to know if the Panasonic tunes the “premium” channels Encore, Starz, HBO, Showtime, etc.


I’ve just purchased a DMR-EZ17. It is equipped with analog and digital tuners capable of tuning up to channel 135 in either analog or digital formats.

The Specifications section of the Operating Instructions for the new Panasonics, DMR-EZ17, DMR-EZ27, DMR-EZ37, DMR-EZ47, DMR-EZ475, and their variants, all show the same 135 channel range for analog and digital tuning.

My DMR-EZ17 is connected directly to our Comcast Cable coax (without a converter box). The DMR-EZ17 relocates most of the digital and/or HD versions of local channels down next to their companion channels. Of course HD channels are viewed and recorded in “standard definition” with the DMR-EZ17.

Most of the Comcast digital channels are located well beyond the tuning capabilities of the DMR-EZ17. TCM, my favorite channel, is found on our local Comcast service at channel 501 among many other digital premium channels (the Encore/Starz, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Movie Channel, IFC, FMC, Sundance, etc. groups) in the 500 channel range. HD channels are located in the 700 channel range. Music channels are located in the 900 channel range. I receive the digital channels with a Comcast digital cable box in another room where I have two Panasonics (a DMR-ES35V and a DMR-ES30V) as slaves to that cable box.