DMR - EZ25 u88 error - now I cannot format or finalise any disks!

Hello all,

I am new to this forum so apologies if this is a repeated post.

I have recently begun using mu DMR - EZ25 recorder without any problems.

However yesterday after recording a disk I could not finalise it. It reported back a U88 error and as requested I ejected the disk and started the machine up again.

Now I cannot finalise that disk at all but I can watch it. No problem there BuT

When I load new disks I cannot format them…it tells me it was successful but no disk info appears and I cannot name it and when I try to record it tells me its unformatted. Also it tells me this in the disply on the front of the unit.

So I cannot format ANY of the disks I have tried at all now rendering the unit useless as a recorder.

Did the U88 not complete successfully? Can I reboot the whole unit?

I would appreciate any help at all as I cannot use the machine at the moment.

Also Panasonic help sent me a mail advising to use certain brands to rectify this problem…one of which is the disks I am using so i am at a slight los.

Please help.

thank you

You could try a complete reboot.
Go back to shipping condition which in effect puts you back to when you took it out of the box and will delete all installation info.
When you have a blank screen, unplug the unit, leave for 20 mins .
Then plug back in and allow recorder to re install etc.
Good luck

DMR EZ25? or ES25? or EZ27? [I]there is no EZ25[/I]

Try the above post instructions and use a quality media this time