Dmr ex78 video in problem

I recently bought a dmr ex 78 and so far have been very pleased with it.
With our recent spell of bad weather i have been transferring old vcr tapes to hard disc and burning dvd’s.
Scart to unit from vcr worked fine and I have a dvd now of my wedding in 1981! plus others.
Planned now to transfer un-edited tapes from my Panny DV camcorder.
This is the problem. A vhs.c cable fitted properly or standard 3 plug connector to back of recorder no matter what source does not have a dv signal shown on TV or found by recorder unit. The only way I have managed to get a recorder and image is by dis-connecting the VCR scart to the panny recorder and putting in a scart with 3 pin adapter that then attaches to the camera.
Is my unit faulty? Have I done something wrong? Can anybody help? If a fault does exist, is there a Panasonic call number or should I deal with Amazon the supplier?
Many thanks in advance from a Newbie,

You often have to change the input selection on the unit when using different inputs.