DMR-EX78 causes TV to switch on!

I have recently purchased the Panasonic DMR-EX78 DVD/HDD/Freeview combo and its great! One thing I cannot work out is at least twice a day my Viewsonic LCD TV switches itself on - normally at 2am (it is always in standby as there is no “off” switch). This only started happening after I got my new DVD, but I disconnected the SCART from the DVD (AV1) to the TV (AV2) to make sure and the TV didn’t switch on! Any ideas??

I’m not familiar with SCART but if it’s similar to HDMI it’s possible you have the HDMI(or in your case SCART) control, turned on.
Check the menus of your TV or DVDR for cntl. or control and make sure it’s OFF. It’s the only think I can think of and as to why it’s turning your TV on. It could have something to due with a guide service being downloaded during the night causing your DVDR to come on, which in turn could?? turn your TV on.
Kind of a guess but could be.