I’m looking for owner experiences for this model (DMR-ES45VS). I don’t think there are any threads yet. I searched for all the variations and abreviations I could think of and got no hits.

Anyone have this? What was better and worse than you thought/hoped?

I’m currently using a Liteon LVC-9016-G now and am happy with it except for no Flexible Recording (Panasonic term). It seems a lot of the movies I want to record are just a hair over 2 hours 4 minutes (what my Liteon can do in SP mode). I can’t stand the quality in LP mode and its way too much work to get them into my PC and find a good spot to split them to fit on two DVDs.

So I’m mostly interested in how the picture quality compares between SP and FR (set to 2 hour and 10 minutes) on this (or other equivalent Panasonic models).

I’ve also heard that Panasonic has a “better” picture quality at any setting compared to some of the competition but would like to read about any scientific tests results done by someone other than the manufacturer.


I found one review at below on

I’m also considering purchase of this recorder – specs look very good. Please let me know what you find.