DMR-ES40V schedule records to only 1/3 of VHS tape

I have two Panasonic DMR-ES40V’s that work normally except for one same strange drawback. All DVD functions are completely normal, and all VHS functions other than below are completely normal.

When I attempt to schedule record off the antenna to VHS, it will only use the first one-third of any tape, whether set to SP, EP, or VP speed. I have tried dozens of tapes with same result. If you push remote button “status”, it acknowledges you have 2 hrs. 1 min. SP, 6 hrs. 2 minutes EP, or 8 hrs 3 min. VP, but at any speed choice, it records only first 1/3. If you schedule more than that, it puts a “!” instead of “OK” and, of course nothing records.

If I lie to it and tell it there is a T-160, or T-180, instead of the actual T-120, it increases proportionally, but never will it OK to record more than the exact one-third of what it thinks is in there.

However, if I command it to record immediately without using schedule, it dutifully records the whole tape.

I’ll bet twenty bucks nobody can solve this so I can schedule recording on the whole tape. First person that posts a working solution gets paid via PayPal.