DMR-ES40V, reset playback ratings & 4 digit password

I have had my DMR-ES40V for 8 months. Have had the problems of the Scheduled Recording not working sometimes. Recently noticed that the time was not correct. Called Panasonic, they instructed to me do a reset & a firmware update, which helped. But now my DVD Playback ratings is 0, which means I cannot play any DVDs. When I try to change it, it wants my 4 digit password, which I never setup, figured I didn’t need to. Is there anyway to reset the 4 digit password? Already tried a reset (hold Channel Up & Down), firmware update & reset default settings.

An update for anyone that’s curious.
Find out from Panasonic that the default 4 digit password is 0000, that’s four zeros. Which didn’t work. So I have sent it in for repair. Luckily there is an authorized Panasonic Repair shop in my neighborhood (Glenolden, PA). Just dropped it off on 11/22/6. Will post results/findings when I get the unit back.

I received my unit back today & everything is working properly. The technician said that he had some diagnostic discs. Which means it was a software issue & not a hardware issue.