Dmr-es30veb power outage problems



I have owned the Panasonic DMR-ES30VEB model for the last 3 years, but last night I noticed the machine had no power to it.

I managed to reset it, but when watching either DVD or VHS it powers out.
I’ve tried doing this several times.

Any ideas - is it worth repairing or should I just buy an updated replacement model?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Do a search I think some Panasonic units have power supply problems than can be fixed by the user.


IMO the '05 ES-30v was one of the best made Panny VHS/DVDR combos made. Kind of went downhill from their. If you’re handy with a soldering iron you might want to search for some of Digado’s posts. He has replaced failing capacitors in several Panasonic recorders, I believe including the ES-30v.


Observe that the power cord is firmly in place at the machine’s rear panel and at the power source.

I’ve found the power supply capacitors in the USA/Canada DMR-ES30V to be long-lasting. One of my two DMR-ES30V models has more than 4,300 recording hours, the other just about 3,000 recording hours. The DMR-ES30V power supply has two large matching electrolytic capacitors. Unlike some other Panasonics I’ve yet to find the need to replace capacitors in these DMR-ES30V machines.

That does not mean that failing power supply capacitor(s) are not causing the problem. Since the DMR-ES30V power supply is located on its own platform to the rear, capacitor replacement does not require an extensive teardown of the machine.

There may be other problems, sometimes related to the “Digital IF Circuit Board,” the part that carries the machine’s CPU and RAM. That circuit board is not user-servicable, and, if found bad, requires replacement. If a new replacement Digital IF Circuit Board may be found it may be priced at twice the cost of a new (current) machine. Occasionally inexpensive parts machines may be found but one always takes a chance with a machine of unknown history/condition. The Digital IF Circuit Board must be from the very same model so I doubt that a board from a USA/Canada DMR-ES30V would be functional in a UK DMR-ES30VEB.


Ah, I didn’t catch the VEB part.
My one complaint of my ES-30v’s is the display, especially the little red clock timer icon is so darn dim it’s very hard to see. They weren’t that way new and I believe I read a post a while ago that said this may be related to the power supply/capacitors. I’m not sure if this is true, but if it is, it’s not worth the bother of tearing the machines apart. Even in a dimly lit area that red clock icon is very hard to see on my machines and yes I have my option setup for bright display.