DMR-ES30VEB DVD recording problem

When I record and finalise DVDs (either +R or -R) and play them on a different DVD player, they don’t play smoothly, there are little jumps and distortions in sound. They play perfectly well on this machine though.

The manual is rather vague saying that disks recorded and finalised may not play back on other players. Can anyone recommend what disks to use to be able to give good quality playback on other DVD players?

What brand of dvd’s are you using, and what format are you burning to. Do you end up with Video TS folder, or are you burning VR video format.

Thanks for your reply. I’m using Verbatim disks. After they are finalised they become DVD-Videos compatible with DVD-Video format.

What are you recording from? What is your source video? Are you sure that it is not the problem?

The same problem occurs if I record directly from the broadcast or dubbing from a video.