My DMR-ES30V will not power up. I have read something about a blown capacitor but see none visibly destroyed.
I recall the subject capacitor as 650-680 uf. Is this correct?
The only possible capacitor I see is silver with the label on its side and unreadable. It is to the left of the DVD and midway front to back. It is electrically connecred to the circuit board by 2 yellow wires. If this is an ~650 uf cap it s/b polarized.
It is physically connected a bizarre apparently non-electric connector to the circuit board.

Am I looking at the wrong cap. If so where is the correct cap?
Am I chasing the wrong prolem?
Thank you


For photos of the power supply pcb in a USA/Canadian DMR-ES30V see this AVS Forum post:

The two largest matching capacitors in the power supply are the ones to scrutinize.