DMR-ES30V problems

My Panasonic DMR-ES30V has become unusable. First it stopped recognising DVD-RAM disks, often when you load any DVD, it just sits there sayin ‘READ’ and no further and when playing a commercial DVD it will play so far and then reboot and go back to the menu. Anyone know if all this is a related fault or different faults or is it unrepairable?

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DVD drive hub/spindle cleaning is the most common remedy for such problems, see this thread:

Be sure to disconnect the AC power cord. Remove the top cover. On a DMR-ES30V it may be necessary to remove the front panel to give enough clearance to remove the drive lid. Remove the front panel’s single anchor screw at top center, release the snap clips at the top and sides and release the press levers along the bottom and remove the front panel. Remove the four screws on the drive lid, lift the lid at the front, slide it forward a little, and lift the lid off the drive.

Following the cleaning procedure be sure that the roller/slider assembly at the rear of the disc tray is positioned to the far left to correctly align the roller with the guide rail on the underside of the drive lid. It is essential to properly secure the drive lid to the DVD drive.

Hold the VHS door open when fitting the front panel back to the case in order to correctly align the door lifting mechanism.

Hub/spindle cleaning is needed more frequently if the Panasonic is used in a dusty or smoking environment or where discs are handled with a finger through the center hole.