Dmr-es25s help

i have had my panasonic progressive scan dvd recorder 2days now. my question is when recording any television show. the picture/image quality is a bit blurred. is there a setting to go in to fixes this?

thank you :o

Are you recording from the built in tuner or from inputs? at what REC MODE? what was the media? Did you playback on the ES15 or a DVD Player?

Hi CCRomeo
i use memorex dvd+rw 4x 4.7gb 120min video sony dvd-r 120min/4.7gb fujifilm dvd+r 120min 4.5gb 1X to 16x to record from my tv. i am using lp rec mode where would i look to see if i am using the built in tuner or from inputs? i play them on my dmr-es25s

thank you

If using built in tuner front display will say CH X if using inputs it will say IN1 or IN2.

Hi CCRomeo
ok thank you i am using IN1

Is the live image blurred or the recording or both? Check the connections from the cable box, try using the IN2 front inputs, try using thr RF tuner input, check any splitters.

Adjust [U]Video[/U] [U]Black Level Control[/U]. Check your Cable Box.