DMR-ES25 Picture Problem

I apologize if this specific problem is in another thread (I did search)…

I have observed that the picture quality when the video signal is sent throught the DMR is poor. If I switch to the satellite input (through a receiver), the PQ is much improved. Specifically, when run through the DMR input, there is significant pixelation and ghosting effects. Not a pretty picture, and not one I like recording. This effect occurs during playback and viewing the live signal. I’m confused :confused: , as you’ll see from my connection, the PQ should be improved through the DMR.

Directv R15
Onkyo TX-304S
Panasonic DMR-ES25
Sharp LC 32DA5U (32" Aquos LCD)

Video Connection:
Coax—>Directv R15
R15---->Receiver (via composite video plug)
R15---->DMR (via S-video)
Receiver---->TV (via composite video plug)
DMR---->TV (via component video)

Audio Connection:
R15—>DMR (via stereo connection)
DMR—>Receiver (via Digital Optical)
This requires that the DMR is “on” all the time, but allows digital output from the receiver, and I do not have to change the receiver input when changing between satellite and DMR signals.

The R15 does not have component outputs (only S-video/HDMI/composite). I have checked all connections. I have not connected the coax to the DMR or TV (trying to get decent PQ first).

I should also mention that this occurs even if I disconnect the R15—>receiver video plug.

Thanks beforehand for the help and/or suggestions!

I’m not sure I understand your connections, or what a DMR is. The DVD recorder should be connected to the Sat box via SVHS.

You should not be using composite connects at all if you can avoid it, certainly not for monitoring. The DVD recorder should only be monitored via component connects.

You will notice a considerable difference in picture quality on each of the connects. Unless you monitor the DVD with component connect, you cannot judge the picture quality of your recordings.

So I don’t understand why you’re using composite connects, but I’ll guess that’s your trouble.

DMR is the US Panasonic model designation “DMR-ES25”.

The problem is with the S-video/Component connects run through the Panasonic, not the composite setup through the receiver (which is actually better.)

Thanks for the quick reply!

My guess would be that either you have a bad SVHS cable, or the output from the sat box is messed up. Try different settings in the sat box. Some sat boxes will differ in the output from analog connects when the box is set for a digital monitor. Try setting the sat box for a 4:3 monitor and then look at the DVD picture.

For the sake of troubleshooting, I would also remove ALL composite connects. Many devices do not allow connecting both SVHS and composite at the same time.

Thanks for the help! I’ll give this a shot…I believe it is something relatively simple

The more I think about it, the more I think it’s because you have both composite and SVHS connected. It causes some kind of a mis-match with many devices.

I’ll keep you updated as I troubleshoot. Thanks again.

CDan - You were right on with the S-video.

Last night, I changed the S-video (one of the many free ones I have from Directv) to composite. What was interesting was when I used another “new” Directv S-video cable, it was like 1970s reception with bunny ears and aluminum foil. That indicated to me that maybe the original S-video may be bad. Thanks for the quality cables DTV!

I put the composite out from the Directv receiver to the DVDR…and voila - an improved picture. Not perfect, but better. Then adjusted the TV video settings (sharpness, lighting, etc). The end result was better black level, and improved (vibrant?) color overall. The remaining deficiency appears to be just from the standard definition picture and lack of HDMI. I believe the Panny with component out may just expose the PQ of standard definition. I hope the HDMI and further TV setting adjustment helps with the remaining PQ. When I get the time, I’ll try my H-20 Hi-def feed as well.
( I really need to organize the cables back there!!) :eek:

Any suggestions on a test pattern to setup the Sharp?

I’ll reiterate that you need to remove all composite connections and use only SVHS, the problem was likely due to having BOTH types connected. No composite connections anywhere.

Many LCD monitors, unfortunately, do poorly with SD and analog images. There’s a number of set-up DVD’s available to help adjust the set.

Thanks for the help - I’ll be using the S-video through the Panny to the TV.

Keep in mind that have ANY composite connected in the system when SVHS is also connected can cause issues with some components. At the monitor, this is acceptable only if they are connected to different inputs. At the receiver, it’s anyone’s guess, but if they are on different inputs it’s probably OK. At the sat box, it’s a big no-no to have both connected, even if connected to different compontents. Same for DVD boxes, it’s one or the other but not both.