DMR-ES25 or 15 to replace a DMR-ES10



I have a DMR-ES10 that I am very happy with except for the lack of firewire. It takes way too long to import a DV video into my PC and then burn to a DVD.

Is the DMR-ES15 or DMR-ES25 as good as my DMR-ES10? From some research it looks like the DMR-ES20 has some problems. CC here only has abou a $10 difference in price between the 15 and the 25.


I’ve read that the 15 is well-regarded. I think the 25 is newer.



Difference between the es15 and the es25 - the es25 upconverts the played DVD to HD vs the 15 doing only progressive scan - and the es25 adds the HDMI connection [I]and[/I] the componant video setup too-

I think that the es25 is the better bang for the buck - unless you already have a upconverting dvd like I do - a Panasonic s77 - (so I bought the es15 and not the es25)-eh!