DMR-ES25 cannot power up during timer recording



This is my first post, and I need some technical help.

My old E55 has problems with the laser, so in the meantime I bought a panasonic DMR-ES25. The unit is a far cry from the DMRE55 I bought just a few years ago. the 25 has only two inputs and is very slow in disc functions like deleting titles, and has no battery back-up for the memory functions.

As if that isn’t bad enough, I have problems with the timer function. For example when I tried to turn on the TV while the unit is in timer recording I get nothing, as if the recorder isn’t turned on. I even turned the unit on even though timer recording is already in progress and still nothing. The manual of no help either.

The only way to get a picture on the TV was to take the DVD recorder remote and just randomly punch all the buttons at once and work that remote over and over until finally I get a picture of the program being recorded. Huge frustrations :a :a

I still cannot play back while the unit is doing the timer recording even on the ram discs. The only way to do so is to wade through the on screen messages and stop timer recording. :Z Then I manually restart recording, and by hitting direct navigator and selecting the previous recording can I actually watch what was being timer recorded.

What a hassle, this just does not seem to be what Panasonic is known for. I went to Panasonic and downloaded firmware. I copied the zipfile to a CD. But because I am new to computers I really don’t know what I should do next. Will this help, or am I better off taking the unit back and buy something else? If so which unit would make for a decent main unit. I am thinking hard drive recorders at this point.


I do feel your pain,

first the firmware, copy the unziped file to a blank CD and let it update (it is for the remote I think).
Unplug the unit wait 30 mins. plug back in and from setup return to default setting then start as if a new unit.
Select: Quick start on, Display Bright, Off Timer Off

[U]The unit will not respond once the timer is set![/U]

[B]check Hints and Tips[/B]

A low cost video switch box will give you additional inputs.

I think your ES25 is just fine, you need to adapt to your new recorder.

If you have no luck contact me, I’ll take it off your hands.


I emailed Panasonic about the problem, and they sent me instructions. So if there are any of you who have this problem here is how to get your ES25 running.

  1. You want to watch what is being currently timer recorded by your ES25 but your TV set and recorder are off (but the unit is timer recording already. Turn on TV set, turn on ES25.

  2. select the input on the ES25 that the timer recording is recording onto. You should now have the program on screen.

  3. Punch play and the ES25 should playback whatever the timer recorder has been recording in progress.

Thats it. Well it was. Yesterday my panasonic ES25 died. Only 2 weeks old- there was a burning smell from it the day before. Got some error messages U61. Tried the cleaner and it didn’t help. Plays back sort of, but won’t record at all. So back to the Future shop. The other machine only lasted a little over 2 years. Seems this electronic stuff is fragile, not like the stuff made 20 or 30 years ago that just keeps running like my old microwave oven, top loading VCRs and many other electronic gadgets of that era.


I just bought the DMR-ES25 (canada). The remote stops working after about a day and I found that if I unplug the unit and plug it back in it starts working again. This happens often. I see on the panasonic website there is firmware for DMR-ES25S which is for the remote. Would this apply to the DMR-ES25 as well? Anybody know if they’re the same?


That would be a question for Panasonic to answer. Most likely if it’s the wrong firmware, it won’t flash. But you should get the go-ahead from Panasonic before doing that to avoid warranty problems.