DMR-ES20 Cooling fan is getting no voltage

Can anyone direct me to a service manual or a wiring diagram for this unit I got it in a lot sale and it works fine evrything but the fan I have a jumper wire on it right now but I want to figure out what is wrong because I don`t like jumper wires they overload circuits sometimes.

Any help would be great

Are you sure this is a fault. My understanding is that the fan only runs when the unit reaches a certain temperature, not all the time. All the models of Panasonic HD/DVD Recorders I have, operate like that. :wink:

O.K. I will have taken out the jumper and have it setting here turned on I`ll just wait to see if the fan comes on or not.

thanks for the reply.

Me again,
The fan isnt coming on and the player is getting hot and shutting down. but only when you use the disc player if your just using the tuner it stays on Ive either got a bad heat sensor or capacitor, that`s why i need the service manual.


O.K. here is where I am, The tuner works fine unit will stay on, but when I use the dvd-rom drive, it will run for about a minute then it says bye and shuts down and still dont have a fan, I cant find any burnt places on any of the boards, I dont see any swelled CAPS. I acually replaced the two that ran in line with the dvd-rom drive and it still didnt help, I put a fan on the controller board to keep it cool but that wasnt it either, I guess Ill start searching for a service manual for the player.


Did you resolve this? The DMR-ES20 I bought recently also doesn’t spin the fan, runs for a while, then says BYE and shuts down. Followed by U81 being displayed most mornings.

I’ve not been able to find a service manual, and Panasonic support won’t tell me what U81 means.


I also have no fan action in one of my ES20 recorders. Chances are the thermistor (heat detector) is ok, but the circuit that energizes the fan is not working. Unfortunately, mine got so hot last week I now have permanent thermal damage and will probably have to junk it.

K. Kaas

test the fan, a good chance the fan itself is the problem

I have an ES25 and it has NO FAN!

The fan voltage is 12 vac, I have only 3.5 vac going to fan motor. Does anyone have a wiring digram on the power supply?