DMR-ES20 Cannot play disc in your region

Whenever i try to play one of my dvds i get an error msg saying it cannot play disc in my region. ty in advance

I had this problem, all I did was take the DVD player to a different region (new Mexico) and it worked fine.

Hope this helps

I have been using this fix for a couple of days and so far so good.

I had to upgrade the firmware to make the unit work again. It is available on Panasonics’s web site.

Note: I tried to burn a disc (CD-R not DVD-R) according to the instructions on my wife’s Apple Macbook Pro and that disc could not be read. I had to use my windows machine to burn the disc and then the upgrade went exactly as it did in the instructions on their website. (Note this could have just been a bum disk, but I’m noting this in case other people run into the issue.)

Note that some other posts suggest this firmware reportedly caused some other issues, but at least I can watch my DVDs again!