DMR-ES15S RAM disc is "copy protected"?

This is my first DVD recorder, and I just recorded my first RAM disc – just some basic ABC-TV footage via a basic cable TV connection. When I try to work with it on my PC in Nero Recode SE (v., I get a message that the disc is copy protected. :confused: This happens even if I’m running AnyDVD.

I do NOT have the same problem when recording to DVD+RW, by the way. It opens up without a hitch in Recode.

Is there some setting I’m overlooking in the Panny recorder that’s causing this? Should I be using some other software besides Recode to work with RAM content?

Or is the issue with the disc itself? This is the Panasonic RAM disc that came with the recorder. Does it have CPRM protection built into it?

there is a lot of software not compatible with ram as of yetbut as for nero im unsure?? also did the disc finalize in your dvd recorder???

i know im not much help :doh: :confused:

RAM discs are written in “VR” format, which is different than DVD-Video format written to R/RW discs.
Open the RAM disc in explorer, then copy only the “VRO” file to your HD. This is nothing but a big MPEG2 file. Once copied, you need to re-name it with a “MPG” extension. Now you can open it in any authoring program.

Recode has had issues with VR video for a long time.

The disc’s CPRM copy protection is still kind of puzzling, but that’s not the problem. It’s the VR format. I thought Recode would handle VR since it handles +VR (on +RW discs), but that’s not the case. :frowning:

I have now been able to open up the disc in Nero Vision Express, but that program wants to reprocess the mpeg. I’d like something that simply converts the VR_MANGR.BUP and VR_MNGR.IFO files to VIDEO_TS so I can make widely compatible copies. I would think that something like TMPGEnc DVD Author would work.

I guess this has become an issue more appropriate for the software forums.

I’ve been using TMPGEnc Author for this very thing for quite a while. It will also open the VR disc, but I just use the method of copying/renaming the VRO file. BTW, it’s now known as “Tsunami DVD Author Pro”.

I never understood why Nerovision always has to re-encode, it seems pretty silly.

There are a number of problems you might have. First, can you copy the VR files to the hard disc. If you run into a problem here and you have InCD installed try removing the program from the computer, completely. If it copies, you should be able to translate the VR file into standard DVD format and then burn with TMPGEnc DVD Author.

I’m surprised there isn’t a nice little freeware tool for doing this. It seems like a relatively simple task, translating VR files without messing with the mpeg.

NeroVision doesn’t always recompress the mpg. With Smart Encoding turned on, it’ll only recompress if the format is not compliance. Both SP and LP recordings from my ES20 don’t need recompression.