DMR-ES15 won't play store-bought DVDs

Hoping someone can help me, new here to the forum.

I bought my ES15 about three weeks ago. Set it up as per instructions and everything seemed to be working OK.

I haven’t watched any DVDs in the last couple of weeks however when I went to watch a Harry Potter movie tonight, nothing happened. It took ages to READ the DVD and then after going to PLAY, nothing happened just a black screen. Remote didn’t work, pushing the stop or open/close didn’t work. Pressed the power button and after about two minutes it shut down.

So…tried playing FOUR other store-bought DVDs and the same thing happened every time! All the DVDs work in other machines (DVD player/ PC, etc.).

My wife recorded a show after the initial setup and it came out fine. I even played it tonight with no issues as per the store ones.

What is or could be the problem? Am I just unlucky with a faulty recorder or is there any ‘setup’ tip that I have missed (I really followed everything I was to do).

Any help is extremely appreciated as it is going back to the Big Box Store tomorrow if not resolved. Fortunately I am still under the 30 day return policy for no hassles.

I really like this Recorder (first one I’ve had) and would prefer to keep it if possible.

Thank you in advance.


Would THIS be relevant to your situation?

Thanks CDan, but I don’t have the HD box. I’d read about that on another post but I only have the Explorer 8000.

I’ll try a few other things this morning. It may be an input issue (DV,IN1,etc.) I don’t know.


Um, maybe it’s not a specific bug to the one Explorer box. Disconnecting it is an easy thing to do to check.